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Show Notes:

Beautifully compassionate Parent Coach and Enneagram teacher, Valerie Tih (Self-preservation 2) of JoyFULL Coaching celebrates each type's parenting gift, and explains how it looks when they parent more from their fixations. Valerie also offers self-observation practices for each type. One for all parents - and all children of parents. 🙂

  • Early brushes with the Enneagram [2.35]
  • What is the Positive Discipline? [4.20]
  • What does it mean to parent with presence, from the perspective of the Enneagram? [5.55]
  • What is the term Essence Parent? [7.00]
  • What are the special capacities of each type of parent, and their blind spots? [8.20]

You can listen to this episode on Spotify or right here!

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