Find Your Way To Better Parenting During These Precious Years

Get empowered with shame-free courses and customized coaching based on Positive Discipline, neuroscience, & the Enneagram.

Harness Your Unique Parenting Strengths

Embrace Presence Over Perfection

Create a JOY-filled Home Environment

What’s getting in the way of being the parent you most want to be?

At JoyFULL Coaching, I know that you want to be a better parent, the parent you imagined yourself to be the moment you found out you’d soon become one. In order to do that, you need courage and proven tools to navigate the complexity of parenting in modern times. 

The problem is your child’s behaviour brings out the worst in both of you. Whether it is trying to get out the door in the morning, ditching diapers, breaking up sibling fights, or battling over screen time and homework – you feel fed up and ashamed of your reactivity. This is not the home environment you envisioned. 

It’s not fair that you’re stuck with outdated ways of parenting as you navigate the 21st century with your family. I believe parenting shouldn’t have to be so hard and you deserve to feel empowered and confident about your parenting decisions. 

I understand how frustrating it feels when you make a ton of parenting gains and yet still feel like something isn’t quite right.

You want more for your family and a better home environment. Through my courses & workshops, coaching, and speaking events I’ve helped thousands of parents just like you move towards becoming the leaders they most want to be.

With the help of JoyFULL Coaching:

You will transform:

outdated parenting paradigms into research-based Positive Discipline frameworks based on the latest brain science, best practices, and the Enneagram. 

You will learn:

how to parent with confidence, and the right mix of kindness and firmness, all while you cultivate strong and healthy connections with your family.

You will feel:

confident that you do indeed have influence and that it never too late to help your child with the skills they’ll need to be happy and succeed.  

Ready to become a better parent?

Thousands of families and children have already blossomed into their highest potential. Today is your day.

“Valerie’s techniques and advice have been invaluable to us as parents. At least once a day, I think of what I learned. Her tips and tricks remain a reminder on our fridge. Would advise for any parent or soon to be!”

Monique Perro

“I am so grateful that I ran into an old friend who told me about this course. I cannot stop telling everyone about it. We got to a place where we were feeling helpless, like nothing was working, and there was so much yelling all the time. I really feel like this course was life changing for me, our marriage, and our family – it changed our path for the better. Valerie’s warmth and guidance was the perfect role model of positive parenting. Thank you so much for everything Val!”

Yvonne SoBeach

“I can’t say enough good things about Valerie’s parenting class and one-on-one coaching. The classes were a treasured time of week for me, and I felt they were an investment in myself and my family. Her wise leadership, combined with her gentle-but-firm guidance, has improved my family’s life dramatically. She not only helped me develop a plan to make positive changes at home, she also helped me feel more confident and empowered in my parenting decisions.”

Barb Summers

“The Joyfull Home course was a terrific experience! This course empowered us as a couple with practical tools, and hands on practice, to be our best parenting selves. Our home is now more peaceful and connected from what we learned. Valerie made each class interesting, useful, and personal. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their parenting skills to the next level.”

 Katy & John Blake

"Valerie’s work is evidence of a deep desire to assist in developing harmonious relationships between parents and children, as well as, teachers and students. She listens without judgment, pinpoints issues without labeling and offers practical courses of action. Valerie is guided by the question “What does love look like?” and aims to be a model of authentic and loving interactions with her own children and with her clients."

Joana C. – TDSB Teacher

“This course offered by Valerie Tih is quite possibly the only parenting class you’ll ever need. In a matter of weeks my home went from an anxious battleground to a harmonious joyful one. It is the best money I have ever spent. Our family is forever grateful to Valerie.  She truly is, one of a kind.”

Trisha Cundy

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Let's get you back on track to being the parent you know you are.

Feeling frustrated and discouraged by the gap between who you want to be as a parent and the day-to-day realities of parenting?

Go From This:

Wasting time because your kids aren’t listening or cooperating

Experiencing hurtful and damaging conflict in the home 

Feeling out of control (calm, calm, calm…EXPLODE pattern)

Worrying that your child might get involved in risky behaviors

Counting the minutes until bedtime 

Thinking that there won’t be enough therapy for your child after they launch as a young adult

To Having This:

A strong relationship with child that leads to deeper connection and true influence

Less reactivity and more responsiveness in those tough parenting moments

More cooperation from your children and more ease in daily transitions

Confidence that they’ll make good choices even when you are not around

A vision for you and your family so you can all get on the same page

Let's get you back on track to being the parent you know you can be!

Acclaimed Parenting Expert & Family Counsellor Alyson Schafer

“I took Valerie’s course and was astonished at how the Enneagram quickly unearths an understanding of people that would have taken me so many more hours of counseling sessions with a client. She has trained directly with Russ Hudson at the Enneagram Institute and her expertise is immediately apparent. Combine this with her warmth and passion for people’s personal journey towards growth and you’ve got the best course for life changing transformations!


5 Ways to Discover Your Enneagram Type and Why it Matters When Raising Kids

Download this guide to better understand your thought patterns and build stronger connection with your children.

5 Ways to Discover Your Enneagram Type and Why It Matters When Raising Kids PDF