“Valerie’s work is evidence of a deep desire to assist in developing harmonious relationships between parents and children, as well as, teachers and students. She listens without judgment, pinpoints issues without labeling and offers practical courses of action. Valerie is guided by the question “What does love look like?” and aims to be a model of authentic and loving interactions with her own children and with her clients.”

Joana C. – TDSB Teacher

“Valerie was terrific at walking my wife and I through our specific Enneagram road map. She clearly explained when and why our personalities either clash, or in their own way are agreeing but we don’t see it. It has also given us clarity on how our personalities influence our parenting, and how that can be either beneficial or counterproductive. The Enneagram has been very insightful and has given us a great starting point. We will definitely be coaching with Valerie again in the future.” 

– Jacob Blair

” Valerie is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the Enneagram, not only that, she lives and breathes it every single day!!! In helping participants understand their own behavioural patterns, she highlights the freedom that can liberate them to be present and consciously choose how to best shine through their type. This is not about putting yourself into a pigeon hole; in fact, she encourages individuals to see beyond their patterns and into what is possible, all with a foundation of love and compassion. I highly recommend taking her course and getting her expertise in her one on one consultations.”

– Natalie Syrmopoulos, Evolving Summit Series

“I can’t say enough good things about Valerie’s parenting class and one-on-one coaching. Her wise leadership, combined with her gentle-but-firm guidance, has improved my family’s life dramatically. She not only helped me develop a plan to make positive changes at home, she also helped me feel more confident and empowered in my parenting decisions.”

-Barb Summers

“My first experience with Valerie as a facilitator was in a Joyfull Parenting workshop organized by the Parent Council at my son’s school. It was full of humour and wisdom, so I was very curious when I learned about Valerie’s Enneagram course. Self-awareness and self compassion are critical life skills, both in parenting and adult relationships. Valerie’s Enneagram course emphasized the practice of thinking beyond the labels associated with each type and more so about compassion for self and others. 
The practice of self acceptance and owning our traits viewed through a lens of love allows us to improve our quality of life and parenting toolbox. Thank you so much Valerie, for sharing your knowledge and expertise so candidly and with such humility. I wish that everyone could tap into these insights! “
– Christine Schloen

“There is zero judgement in her class. We were encouraged to think deeply about what we learned as children about discipline and how it has shaped our approach as adults. This approach to discipline is so respectful while still being effective.

Every week Valerie gives realistic, achievable challenges and goals to practice the material. Transitions that normally caused “big emotions” became more manageable, smoother and even fun!

You will learn some effective go-to strategies that I promise you will never forget… because Valerie brings these tools to life with her own personal stories of experience as a parent and teacher (often with a refreshing dose of humour)! 

As parents, it was so powerful to be able to navigate through tricky moments together and then celebrate our successes as a team because we were on the same page and speaking the same parenting “language.” 

What a JOY it is to be in Valerie’s class! What a joy it is to know that, in these busy times, it was time well spent. 

- Lara McBride & Chris Preble

“Valerie’s Positive Discipline course will resonate with parents interested in a relationship-based approach to parenting. Valerie’s thoughtfully designed course is insightful, informative and useful. She delivers the course material in a relatable, engaging and lighthearted manner. You will leave with a much better understanding of your child/children and the often misguided causes behind their behaviour.”

— Taryn Sillaots & David Sorbara

“A year later we are still seeing the positive impact of what we learned and implemented from Valerie’s course. It helped reduce the chaos of our mornings and our kids now take more responsibility for their own routines, which has resulted in a lot less nagging on our part. Nothing is perfect, but we have a common language now and skills and tools to return to, when needed. We got very clear about the kind of family we want to have and the type of humans we are trying to grow and that has become the benchmark in our parenting choices & responses.”

– Nicole Kagan 

“Valerie’s workshop was an inspiring crash course that profoundly impacted our parenting style, our family culture, and our children’s wellbeing. She has culled together practical information, professional research and her own experience and wisdom into an energetic package that’s as fun as it is educational.”

– Jonas Chernick

“As an expectant mother, I have a strong desire to prepare myself for motherhood and avoid the repetition of potentially damaging discipline practices. Valerie’s 6-week Positive Discipline course called The JoyFULL Home has helped me to become more aware my own beliefs about discipline and to identify triggers that may perpetuate unhelpful behaviour patterns in both myself and in my child. Valerie is a born teacher in the way she delivers Positive Discipline theory by provoking reflection and stimulating a passion for the practice. Through eye-opening exercises, entertaining demonstrations and with her own anecdotes of being a mother and an educator, Valerie leads the way for a new generation of parents raising compassionate, respectful, courageous and resourceful children. “
Jo – Expectant Parent

“Valerie’s parenting class is a must-do for any parent of one, two, or more kids! We spend money on all the kiddie items and baby gear, but how often do we invest in our own abilities to parent? Since my children are little, The JoyFULL Home 6-week parenting course is the course I never knew I needed, but I’m so glad I took. We all have a lot to learn about positive parenting techniques that foster growth and independence in our kids, and Val’s class is a warm, encouraging and fun way to add tools to your parenting toolbox. I plan to take the course again when our kids move closer to their teen years, as I think it would be especially helpful for parents of pre-teens. I highly recommend the course to any parent – the insights are excellent!”

-Elizabeth W. 

“Valerie’s class was transformational for our family. Not only does she explain WHY things can breakdown at home, she explains in very clear practical terms HOW to get your family back to peace and harmony. With the added bonus of sharing ideas with other parents, this class is invaluable. You’ll wish had taken it sooner!”

– Johanna Shapira

“Working with Valerie is truly a pleasure. She listens closely and without judgment to your concerns, and then offers many different suggestions for you to consider. Her positive, can-do attitude is infectious. For any teacher thinking of using Positive Discipline in their classroom, I would highly recommend consulting with Valerie.”
Michele M. – TCDSB Teacher

“The Joyfull Home course was a terrific experience! This course empowered us as a couple with practical tools, and hands on practice, to be our best parenting selves. Our home is now more peaceful and connected from what we learned. Valerie made each class interesting, useful, and personal. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their parenting skills to the next level.”

 –Katy & John Blake

What an absolute pleasure it was to have Valerie come to the Lab and introduce her practice to us! Her workshop of “JoyFULL” coaching was not only informational, but truly awe-inspiring. Coming from the perspective of an educational space, the team at Action Potential Lab found her coaching not only applicable to the classroom setting, but even resonated within our daily lives! Her focus on using Positive Discipline as a tool of relationship-building rather than of punishment really has encouraged us to approach communication with children in a more empathetic, thoughtful way. Following the workshop the team went home in a state of reflection, all feeling empowered to use this newfound knowledge to better our programming and the experiences children have when taking part in them. Thank you so much Valerie!

-Tanya Brekelmans, Action Potential Lab

“Positive Discipline works! Before we met Valerie, our mornings were pure hell. Now they are smooth sailing – no more temper tantrums!”

-Oxana J. – Parent

I have to tell you, this class is changing our lives. Taking the class together with my husband has opened up a whole new world for us. Instead of seeing a repeated problem with one of our kids, and not addressing it for the simple reason that we didn’t know how, we talk like we’ve never talked before. We identify and understand what’s happening together, we problem solve together, and we follow through, together. We’re so grateful that you delivered this amazing information in a way that we connect with so it stays with us and keeps us on the right track (most of the time!).

Thank you 💕

-Barb & Evan Armstrong

“Can I just tell you how fantastic you are? Your humour, passion, love and authenticity make your class shine on so many beautiful levels. I taught adults all around the world for years how to be teachers AND you were exactly my goal for them. You are one of my favs ever. So THANK YOU for being you and for caring so deeply. I hope you see the rippling effect you have on the world – you’ve touched so many people in our lives already!”

Amanda Ritch

“I am so grateful that I ran into an old friend who told me about this course. I cannot stop telling everyone about it. We got to a place where we were feeling helpless, like nothing was working, and there was so much yelling all the time. I really feel like this course was life changing for me, our marriage, and our family – it changed our path for the better. Valerie’s warmth and guidance was the perfect role model of positive parenting. Thank you so much for everything Val!!”

-Yvonne SoBeach

“This course offered by Valerie Tih is quite possibly the only parenting class you’ll ever need. In a matter of weeks my home went from an anxious battleground to a harmonious joyful one. It is the best $300 I have ever spent. Our family is forever grateful to Valerie.  She truly is, one of a kind.”

-Trisha Cundy

“I used to be that teacher that believed that if you gave up control, you’d be seen as nothing but a pushover. Man, was that ever a myth. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for everything I learned in Valerie’s course, and how it has shaped how I view both student, and adult behaviour. As a result, it has made me by far a more empathic individual. Some of my main take-aways was in appreciating that underneath human behaviour, there can be many deep and profound underlying causes. I can still hold firm boundaries, but with a sense of kindness and acceptance that my students feel. They feel seen. This has even translated to my own family. Nearly losing a loved one causes family members to act in ways that lash out and hurt others. Without Valerie’s invaluable course, I would have taken everything personally. Instead, I’ve become the mender of fences and both family and students now see me as the rock they can safely orbit around. Positive Discipline has been one of the best bits of professional development I’ve ever done! Thanks Valerie. ” 

-Eugene Negrii 

“Valerie’s course gave me more confidence in being a mom—I felt empowered to make changes in our home that very quickly yielded positive results, for all of us. The classes were a treasured time of week for me, and I felt they were an investment in myself and my family. As well, the resources provided have allowed me to continue to develop my new skills. I am so deeply thankful to Valerie for the class and the shift in perspective that has helped my family to thrive!”

—Barb S.

“We have learned many valuable tools from you. Your approach to parenting has been helpful in making our home more peaceful. The Enneagram assessment was also a helpful puzzle piece to help us connect with our children’s emotional needs.”

-Tony & Krista